Installation of Boat Batteries

Proper Installation of Boat Batteries

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We have heard many issues of boat owners who complain of their batteries of their mid-size boat getting discharged very soon, though they have purchased top quality batteries, but still these batteries do not seem to last the complete battery cycle. If you need complete peace of mind then call San Diego Boat Repair

The main reason behind batteries getting discharged before their initial discharge cycle is because of faulty installation & one of the other main reasons could be of poor maintenance. It does not really matter if you are using gel based cells for your boat or even if you are using lead acid batteries for your mid-sized boat as these batteries still need some care if you want them to care back for you & your boat.


Here are some common factors which can affect battery performance

Batteries must be kept clean all the time, as they should be kept clean & dry. If for any reason the top surface of the battery gets wet, there is a possibility of a small flow of electricity can be flown between these terminals as do remember water is a good conductor of electricity & it creates a path in between two terminals.

The other reason could be if the battery is installed in a place on the mid-size boat where there is a high possibility of dripping water on them, this can cause the batteries to discharge at a rapid rate than the usual discharge schedule.

Do remember the one fact to keep the battery healthy is to keep it clean & dry all the time.